Barrel Composter

Build a barrel composter or buy a barrel.I built my own barrel composter to keep rats, mice, and other pest away from my compost pile and speed up composting time. We put food scrapes in the compost pile and naturally it will bring pest looking for foods if they can get to it. The barrel composter keeps out pest but let's in other beneficial bugs that will help the compost break down even faster then it does in the barrel. Since all my compost goes into the barrel it holds in moisture and heat. Not only that but I am able to turn the barrel a lot easier then turning a pile on the ground with a shovel or pitchfork.

Once a week I just turn the barrel and it aerates the compost. Here are some of the things you will need!

If you do not want to try your hand at building one then you can always buy one. CLICK HERE to check out lots of composters on Amazon or you can part it out at the links below.


  • One 20-55 gallon (72-200 liter) plastic drum.(I got mine at a carwash for like $5)
  • One 48 inch (1.25 meter) length of pipe with a 2 inch diameter (5 centimeter). 2X4 treated lumber.
  • 2" to 3" Nails (Nail Gun is optional.)
  • About 4 2" to 3" full mortise hinges for the door. (Make sure to get stainless steal hinges.)


Almost all of these things can be purchase at Home Depot but even with shipping it is close in price. Up to you:)

God Bless!!

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