Hi everyone!

When I first got my girls I wanted to make sure to keep them safe from anything that could hurt or kill them and a big part of that was keeping there water clean. I read a little about keeping chickens water clean and found that if it's not kept clean your chicks can get botulism. Me being an organic farmer/gardener I did not want to treat my chickens with antibiotics so I had to look to natural methods. Keeping water clean was at the top of the list:) You can also give your chicks some organic yogurt to build up there immunities.

All this leads to me wanting to talk to you all a little about how I am keeping my chickens water very very clean! It all started with me not wanting to have to change my chickens water everyday! I mean, these chickens sure can dirty up that water very fast as some of you may already know;) I watched them over time and noticed that my chickens beaks were getting quite dirty from the feed and whatever else was in there cage. And of course they did not care to clean up there faces before they drank out of there water dish that I was working so hard to keep clean for them! (Ingrates!! LOL!!)

Needless to say the water was quickly starting to go rancid due to all the feed and other things stuck to the chickens beaks coming off in the water. Even though I kept the water hanging high enough so that my girls could not poop or spread bedding in the water dish it was getting crazy dirty.

If you are anything like me you just don't have time to clean the water all the time so that lead me to see what other people are doing and that lead me to water nipples for chickens.

Here is a close up of mine.

I got some from ebay but it took forever to get to me so I found some on Amazon. They are cheap and very easy to install. You can buy them here!  Make sure and tell me what you guys think of them when you use them!

The water nipples worked great for me so I wanted to show you guys how to install one on a small water bottle for there brooder so my chicks have very clean water! You can also line PVC pipe with lots of these nipples but they are not made for pressurized hoses so you will have to have the pipe hooked to a water source that drains into the pipe. Or you can just put like 4 of them on the bottom of a bucket. Remember to put the lid on the bucket so your girls cannot get into the water:)

I have not had any issues with it just yet and the chicks took to it like 20 min after I made it!! Just tap on the nipple so they can see the water come out of it.

Things needed for this easy project:

  • My video up top there;)
  • 5/16 drill bit
  • Chicken watering nipples. (buy them from the link above or click here!)
  • Water bottle.

Some of the benefits of using these chicken watering nipples:

  • There cheep;)
  • Very easy to install.
  • Add vitamins to there water.
  • You will go through water a lot less.
  • Keeps water clean and clear of any debris.

Make sure to encourage others around you and teach your kids how to grow there own foods and how to take care of any livestock. You never know when this "know how" will be needed:)

God bless you guys and your little homesteads!!

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