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In this video I show how to put together a PVC pipe chicken feeder for your girls. This chicken feeder not only keeps the flow of food going but it also helps keep it fresh and it makes it to where your girls can't waste all the feed by pushing it out all over the floor! It is literally one of the easiest projects I've done! I mean, it took me all of 20 minutes to build it;)

It is not foolproof because they will get some feed on the floor but I found that almost all their feed goes into their little chicken bodies and I don't have a pile of feed sitting under the pipe going to waste:)

As you all know, less feed on the floor equals less rodents to deal with.

Also, If you cut the hole just "right" in the feeding trough you will have no poop in their feed. You know what that means, less chance of disease:)

You will not have to feed them as often as well (depending on your flock size of course) because this 3" pipe can hold a very significant amount of feed.

Now for the type of PVC pipe that I used. I could've used the normal 3" PVC pipe but I noticed it was way more expensive compared to drainage pipe. It cost significantly less than normal PVC pipe. The drainage pipe with taxes cost me a little less than $7 for a 10' piece. I think the normal PVC would've ended up costing me like $13 before taxes for a 10' piece.

I also needed a 90° angle fitting for my drainage pipe and a cap for the bottom and top to keep the chicken feed fresh and keep rainwater out. I did not glue everything together because the fittings were tight enough.

This thing works great! I have 3 free range chickens and it took them 25 days to go through a full pipe! The pipe size is 3" diameter by 50" long.

This is the feed pipe all full with cap:)

To build it with the drainage pipe the total cost was like $13 or $14 with taxes! That's the price of the normal PVC pipe with just the 10' length! That does not include the 90° angle piece and the caps.

If you've watched the video above then you have an idea on how to build it so I will just list things you need.



3" x 50" feed pipe connected to my coop!

Things you will need:

  • (1) 3" 10' PVC or drainage pipe. (drainage pipe is cheaper)
  • (1) 90° angle drainage fitting.
  • (2) 3" drainage pipe caps.
  • (1) heavy-duty razor knife.

I hope this helps you guys with your girls! This pipe will keep them fed constantly without poop in their feed, and it will give you a good time away from changing their food daily or every other day. You can actually go on vacation and not worry about your girls!

Of course you will also need to set up an automatic watering system that can match the capacity of your chicken feeder. Make sure to check out my blog on chicken watering nipples HERE!!

God bless you all and may the Lord bless your little homestead:)

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