Cricket trap!

Hello everyone:)

I built this cricket trap for two main reasons.

• A member (Gabe) on my Home Farm Ideas facebook group asked how he could keep crickets out of his garden. Since crickets can nibble on leaves (on occasion) I wanted to make this trap to help him. This could be the case for you as well but I myself would go outside at night and shine a flashlight behind leaves (using a flashlight behind leaves allows you to see the shadow of the pest then you can very easily remove them) to see if you have inchworms, hornworms, slugs, and snails chewing on your plants since these are normally the troublemakers in the garden! Keep in mind that crickets normally stick to eating rotten vegetables, fruits, and other organic matter.

• My other reason is because I have chickens and I like to feed them as much live foods as I can! Crickets are a great source of nutrients and essential fats for better chicken health and egg production:)

As you can see in the video this trap was really easy to build but placement of your trap is going to be key in catching them! You're really going to have to use wisdom on where you should place the trap. Take your time observe where they are then set your traps.

As you can see in this video I made one trap but you can make several of these since they're free;)

If the crickets are hanging out in your garden you can do what I did (as shown on the first part of the video). Dig a hole deep enough for the bottle to fit all the way down till the top of the bottle is level with the ground, when the crickets smell the apples, strawberries, or whatever you put in there they will jump down in there to eat but they don't normally jump back out if you have the cardboard pieces in there that they can hide under. You can turn the cut piece of the top of the bottle over and it will funnel the crickets down into the trap as well.

You can also make it to where you can lay the trap down on the ground on it's side (as shown in the video). That method worked for me in this case:)

Let's look at some of the things you will need for this project:

  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Plastic bottle
  • Piece of apple, strawberries, etc etc.
  • Ripped up small pieces of cardboard or toilet paper roll.

Make sure to watch the video and see how I put everything together.

Uses for the crickets: 

  • Feed them to your frogs, lizards, tarantula, centipedes, chickens, or anything that will eat them.
  • Good fishing bait!
  • You can use them for bait in my lizard trap as well and the video if my lizard trap can be found here! >>>

If this trap helped you and you like it, please share it!

God Bless!!

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