Chicken Dust Bath Benefits

Now I am no professional but I know a healthy chicken makes for a happy chicken, and a happy chicken lays more eggs:) Now me wanting more from my feed investment I try and make sure my girls have the best health not only from organic nonGMO chicken feed, but I also want to make sure they do not have anything to harm them and that is why I wanted to touch on some of the benefits to dust baths for your chickens so you can have the same blessings as I have. I mean, fresh eggs just about everyday is so awesome and my chickens are great help in the garden! 

Dust bath Benefits

Encourages them to Clean
When they jump in the dust they have a blast! But that's not it:) The dust soaks up all the oil that can built up on your chickens feathers. It also helps with removing feather flakes and dander because your chickens will actually preen more often when they take dust baths on a regular bases! While preening they will your chickens will oil there feathers by reaching back to the top of there tail pad. There is a oil gland there and they use it to cover there feathers with just enough oil to keep there feathers nice and water proof and looking clean. 

Avoid Parasites 
Yes, dust baths help control parasites naturally! You just need to add stuff to the dust bath that can really take care of all mites and lice that your chickens can get. No, chicken lice is not the same as human lice;)

Happy Hens
Stop and just watch your girls. They love take a dust bath don't they? I know mine do! The dust can be something that can really bring your hens peace and relive stress! Less Stress = Healthy Chickens!! It can also cool them off. It is funny when they are ALL doing it, dust flying everywhere! Ha ha ha!! 

Build it

Bath Area
I am going to be building a dust bath soon for my chickens pinned area but for now I just provide an area and add what will help them in killing off parasites and keeping them away. 

Scrap Wood
You can build a dust bath box for cheap! Just use scrap woods but try and be sure it is at least 6" to 8" deep and big enough to fit your birds. I will be making mine big enough to fit at least two chickens at a time:)

What to fill it with?

  • Grab some soil from your garden. 
  • You can add sand to make it a bit more dusty. 
  • Wood ash is veryharmful to parasites. Just burn some leaves and let the ash cool before adding it:)
  • Food Grade Diatomacious earth (DE) - This is a fossilized diatoms that are microscopically sharp! When they are eaten buy most bugs they will kill them by cutting the guts of not only mites, but lice as well! It does not hurt you or your chickens so don't trip:) A little goes a long way! 

The more your girls are confined to a small area, the more likely they are to get mites of lice. Let them out as much as you can and keep things clean and dry. Make sure to add the dust bath and your chickens should be styling!!

Well friends, I hope this helps some of you guys out there. If you need help or want to ask questions go right ahead here or join us on facebook.

God Bless - Matt

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